Now first thank you Hyundai for launching the i10 first in India. In fact the car is also completely designed in India and manufactured too. What this means is that the customer in India gets a world class product.

Whats good:

Looks good, better than most hatchbacks in the same category.

Its a 1.1 engine which it shares with the Santro and the Getz Prime 1.1.

It has tubeless tyres. Now its easy to get tubeless types repaired and they are convenient so you don’t get stuck in the middle of the highway with a flat tyre.

Option of sunroof, not much use when its hot, but some people fancy it.

Motor Driven Power Steering, better than Santros Hydraulic Power Steering.

Tilt Steering: You can adjust the steering wheel. A boon for tall/well built people.

Good driver legroom.

High scores on safety:

Option for ABS and airbags.

Whats Not good:
Front seat headrests are not adjustable.

No high seating like the Santro, which is a boon to people with knee problems.

Safety features: Airbags and ABS are optional, why not make them standard?

Now the car didn’t take away all the awards just like that? It was the Car of the Year of most of the Auto magazines in India. Its likely to replace the Santro at some point of time but Santro buyers/users need not worry. From what I have heard, the sales of Santro is very good today and is not likely to be discontinued anytime soon.

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