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  1. tushar

    which one to go for wagonR,beator santro xing

  2. haris ali

    Maruthi waronr vxi model has very surprise facilities like, tray under seat, can tilt steering , mirror can adjust electronically

  3. Hyundai

    I like both cars, but I would choose Hyundai over Maruti Suzuki as I find it a bit better and like its ride more.

  4. Sanjay Sharma

    Very bad experince with New Wagon R purchased on 9/6/10 & with the maruti team. They have no concern with customer satisfaction & service.The car is with dealer from 19/6/10 to till date.Please help me to give contact details of any director of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

  5. ganesh

    1st no safety in wagon r…….. n full cheaper items …….. its like chinamade … shame on u maruri suzukichainamade

  6. arpit garg

    wagnor is very bad car. Maruti gave cheaper item and the bed experience. I never buy this car. Maruti used cheap material.maruti suzuki’s maximum car used market works. Maruti suzuki gave only 2 speaker and bad colling and bad pickup. But hyunai gave better service and better pickup and hyundai gave 4 speaker.sound system is very better . Hyundai engine is very better then maruti suzuki. Maruti suzuki engine have ability only 100000km but hyundai have 300000km engine ability.

  7. gourav

    mr.arpit garg wt about the service station in hyundai,wt about the price of the parts of hyundai…sir may be particular in ur car have some problem but it does not mean that marutisuzuki’s product is bad,if u think that maruti suzuki is cheaper then why dont u go for BMW?????


    mr. arpit sorry for ur experince.but think about maruti network. ur family used cheap car this is ur negative think. B-positive u have maruti network Badrnath to kerla. and ur marketing is gud for hundai ur complaint is small but marketing is..,.

  9. Salam

    I have been studying both cars for some days and finally I decided to buy Wagon R VXi since, it has many new facilities than santro

  10. AD

    I hav ownd wag0nr for 6yrs, i lov its luks, v.gud mileage, tall , more spacious, need less maintaince , power breaks and accelator r too gud and it got nearly a high speed of 151km/hr. And my brothr hav santro xing for same 6yrs, santro shape is like an egg, less mileage, less safety, day to day u get more sound frm engine, need maintaince, and at last santro’s high speed is nearly 130km/hr. . . .
    At last i prefer MARUTI SUZUKI WAGONR

  11. Unambiguous King

    Dear All,

    This posting is only for all the relatively new / upcoming car owners. I suppose the old car owners (who has spent 10+ years) would find it relevant and support it.

    First of all it would not be justifiable to think Wagon-R as one of the competitor of Santro Xing (all variants). Various scientific reasons are there. No way Wagon-R can be competitor. To become each others competitor either party should be equally equipped.

    1. Wagon-R is a 3 cylinder (approx. 1000 CC/each) car where as Santro is a 4 cylinder (1100CC/each) car.
    2. Many said that Wagon-R delivers better mileage than Santro. Yes!!! The verdict is correct. But one should know why and what they would be sacrificing if they blindly go about Wagon-R simply because it gives better mileage. In-fact they should know how significant it is.
    I. Certainly Wagon-R would deliver better mileage as it has 3 cylinders (compromising overall BHP and driving comfort).
    II. But who significantly Wagon-R saves fuel? Um-hu max. to max. it can deliver a mileage ranging from 15-17 KM/Ltr.
    III. Average mileage of Santro (any variant) varies b/w 13-14.5 KM/Ltr.
    IV. Hence the tolerance is 1.5-3 KM/Ltr.
    V. A guy who buys a Wagon-R can save few $$$ compromising driving comfort and obviously the stability of the car.
    VI. Santro (any variant) is appreciably stable, delivered with measured/comfortable pick-up and over and above with a good appreciable mileage.
    VII. BHP of Santro is well managed and balanced (delivered by 4 cylinder) which delivers driving comfort at slow as well as at high pick-up.

    Please note this is not that Santro has got 4 cylinders. Every vehicle which is delivered with 4 cylinders is far comfortable and scientific.

  12. Nilesh

    Yar i am confused Santro or Wagon R?

  13. sachin

    i think new wagon r vxi is better than santro in every field.bcoz it is bigger and its look is really big than santro…fuel efficiency of wagon r is too good than santro..wagon r gives 16 km/l but santro gives only 11.5 km/l..big difference…pickup of maruti wagon r is not bad..santro’s pickup is high compare to wagon r…but only pichup has no matter…wagon r ac, high speed. mielage, look, boot space, tilt stearing and seating comfort all are better than santro Xing…

    so choose wagon r top model..

  14. Pramod

    Dear Sir,
    No one has Mentioned it that new wagor is having only three Cylinders wherin santro has 04 Cylinder, one should always know that more the cylinder better the engine performance( Low noice and less Vibrations) and one should also know that engine cylinders No. should always be in even no’s.

  15. Pramod

    Moreover if you want to compare both the cars then drive it on a good Highway on a speed more than 120 KM/H and you will come to know which car is better,
    You will feel lot of Vibration in wagon R wherein santro will remain very smooth, this observation is not by driving a single car this is a observation by driving 3 to 04 Different wagon R’s and Santro’s

  16. manas

    in fact i am using santro xing xl. its mileage is 16 kmpl. so far the comfort is concerned, it is far ahead than wagon-r. i have driven it at 150 speed but no vibration.

  17. bhushan

    I recently bought Wagon-R.. I am very happy with service of Maruti and this is very much believed brand . Anyone can buy Maruti’s any car if he is looking for maintenance, mileage and service network. I think many of us ned these basic things so if you are confused between maruti and Hyundai , i recommnd to go for MARUTI any time.

  18. sree

    just ride both…
    u will realize
    i’m damn sure…

  19. Reja

    If you are a fast and aggressive driver who likes to shred through the city traffic, buy a Santro …… it has decent engine power and great maneouverability and the fact that its profile is narrower than other more powerful cars enables it to squeeze through some unlikely gaps. On the highway, it easily does 150 kmph. Swift, beat etc. go even faster on the highway but are wider and slightly less maneouverable inside the city.
    If you are a laidback driver who takes more pleasure in analysing the pros and cons than in driving, buy a Wagon-R!!!

  20. Mahesh vyas

    I have purchased 2007 santro car of 31000 kms in good condition and well maintained car.

    My first purchse and I am satisfied with performance of car.

    I viewed with my freind who owe wagon-r realise that santro is better choice than maruti.as comforts,engine performance and spacious in side.Power full AC.LOOK of couse.


    I feel alto/wagon-r seems to be service class people who cares average and resell.

    To spend little more on petrol gives royalty of midium leval buisness person.


  21. vishal patel

    maruti suzuki wagon r better than hundai santro.

  22. Heather

    This really is the 4th blog post, of your website I went through.
    Still I actually love this particular 1, “Hyundai Santro Vs.

    Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R | Prakash Advani’s Blog” the very best. All the best ,Geraldo

  23. Diwakar Singh

    i heard that k-series engine of wahonr is not good can any body tell me that either it is true??

  24. WS Wilson

    Hi, does fuel(petrol) gets consumed in car(santro xing xp)when we put on the air conditioner(ac)?

  25. Robin Sambyal

    I own a Wagon R and also driven Santro xing but I think Wagon R has got better ground clearence so we can move easily on city roads where u find a number of speed breakers. Also Wagon R is more spacious from inside.

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