I am offering consulting services for people who are planning on buying a car. I understand your requirements and give you my recommendations based on the following information.

  • No of Kilometers you plan to use every month.
  • Type of driving highway/city.
  • City where you live.
  • Family size and family requirements.
  • Current vehicle owned if any.
  • Budget.

Note: The fees for the service is Rs. 5000/- or 1 percent the car value (which ever is higher).

eg. If the car costs Rs.4,50,000/- then the fees is Rs. 5000/-

eg. If the car costs Rs. 6,50,000/- then the charges is Rs. 6,500/- (1 percent )

If you feel by spending just 1 percent gives you peace of mind, go ahead and send me your contact information to take the discussion ahead.

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