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  1. tRIS

    very Nice article ^^ I would have to say I agree with most of this, I’m normally switching around with xp, vista, ubuntu, Linuxmint and mac…I’m just surrounded by computers :P I think for all the windows users badgering GNu/ Linux is abit silly seeing as Linux really inst that old and it’s getting better, more supportive, more innovative every day because of Distro’s and companies that want to see Linux succeed to remove that over powering giant called Microsoft that is suffocating the computer industry really :(

    BTW to any one that’s interested in trying GNU/ Linux ubuntu isnt the best one to try out first, Linuxmint has been built around ubuntu but has most of the things needed to make people happy ^^


  2. Alvin

    Please add “Deactivate itself when you need it most” as one of the top reason why Linux is better then Windows.

  3. DW

    I think Linux is more stable than Windows. I have Kubuntu on its own HD. What I don’t like about Linux is there are programs I can’t run on it. I use one program I have over a grand tied up in and I can’t use it on Linux. Wine won’t run it either. Linux does have its drawbacks and so does Windows. I have been trying for over a week now to install Adobe Reader. I hate the command line crap. I’m also still trying to find out how to download a program and then install it.

  4. CMD

    @DW To install programs just open up Synaptic or the Ubuntu Software Centre in the latest release. Adobe reader is in the Ubuntu repos (the package filename is actually called acroread) but that doesn’t matter as you can type in ‘Adobe’ in Ubuntu Software Centre press return and it’s in the resulting list.

  5. Anshu Makkar

    very nice
    very informative
    keep it up
    nd most important thanks :-)

  6. Laserbeam

    Add: You can have multiple workspaces to clear up the clutter form alt+tab-ing. You could also explain that having 2 or 3 applications per workspace organizes your desktop and you can for example make one workspace for work, one for music, one for emails, one for browsing and so on. Also please mention that you can organize the workspaces in a grid, not just linearly

  7. Amit

    Dude, I didn’t quite understand the 59th point. About windows messing up linux partitions. It can’t even ‘see’ it to access it. I use Gentoo and Win XP in dual boot, and there has been no such problems.

  8. Mazen Harake

    It’s GNU/Linux

  9. RKS

    Dude, this is great.
    UBUNTU s d best , bt i think if you still work hrder , u wild find much more dan 101 reasons..

    KEEP it up ..

  10. some-other-brown-kid

    why would u try adobe reader windows version on linux? there is already an adobe reader for linux. just open cmd, and then sudo apt-get install okular, thats a special adobe-reader only built 4 kde. and if u wanna download a program thats not in the repositories, then u grab adobe-reader from adobe’s website. there is an ubuntu version. but i recommend okular. btw, to install a program, you dont need cmd. you can just open package manager and check all the programs you wanna install. search in your menu package and click on the first entry. its neater than you think.

  11. some-other-brown-kid

    also, if u wanna install a program for linux, but specificall ubuntu/kubuntu, you download a .deb file. which is a self extracting archive 4 ubuntu

  12. aarklon

    see this:-

  13. mukesh kumar singh

    its really an axilent artical.linux environment and its nature is quit different.so windows user can feels boring in begning.but once you comfort with linux. you would not touch windows in the future.its my challange. thanks

  14. Anirudh Ranganath

    Finding the difference between 2 text files is easy!! (diff)

  15. Aurelius mendes

    I hate windows very much because of the no of times it crashes…
    Linux is a billion times better option

  16. subhajit

    no doubt linux is the best east or west…….but my friend no one can’t say about fedora………i personaly feel fedora is more sequre n more sofisticated than any os……i love it…..
    i am addicted by it………

  17. subhajit

    frieds how can i get a plugins like adobe flsah player…
    plz can u say hw can i installed it under root…in vi or emac’s terminal….

  18. Hypercube
  19. Narendra

    these are only 81. where are the remaining 20?

  20. Sam

    Please add that high availability is practically impossible on windows. If a system needs to be highly available – e.g. police call centres, banks, university systems, hospitals, councils, etc, they will use *nux.

  21. appu

    but it sis very difficult to get and install application in red hat linux.for eg. in order to install a vlc player,i spend one full day.Otherwise its more stable.

  22. Mat

    In linux you can (and better, have) to modify the kernel to match exactely your machine (eg: processor, memory size, and all hardware on the mobo). This will speed up the system, and use less resources. In windows they don’t say there is a kernel, but you will see that they have it too (as any OS) mainly during common blue screen of death !!

    rm -rf windows*

  23. neerajvayu

    linux is educational os
    windows is a productive os.

  24. Sharada

    Thanks !!!!!! I like this

  25. Sven

    There are many small programms which are giving the result of their operations back. You can glue programms together by using pipes or the programming language of choise.

  26. Noone

    Another reason: games made natively for gnu/linux run faster than the same for windows, and even some wine games run faster due to linux’s kernel. Just search youtube for comparisons… Flash games suck on linux thanks to adobe…

  27. Brent F.

    More reasons to like Linux:

    82. You don’t need to create a Microsoft Live account and remember another stinking password just because you wanted to play Solitare.

    83. Encoding compressed video files is a dream once you get ffmpeg compiled. In windows normally it costs money to get a program to encode video and often the encoded files don’t play on the device.

    83.5 Recording video from a BT878 TV tuner card just seems to be less nerve wracking on Linux instead of Windows with other stuff happening in the background.

    84. Your hard disk drive will have a longer life by not having the heads travel all over the disk doing virtual memory swaps because Linux uses far less RAM than Windows.

    85. You have more control over the hardware you paid for. If you wish to hear 1 bit Sigma-Delta music played over the parallel port wires, you can write a program to do so while Windows can’t do it for money. And you can also trick out the BT878 tuner card to record everything radio-bass (below 224 kHz).

  28. LinuxMan

    86. Linux does not crap out on you when you are in the middle of an important task, like Windows does all too often

    This is my biggest complaint against Windows; it’s dammed unreliability. And I am speaking as someone who is computer savvy.

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