OpenStack is the future of Cloud computing. Founded by NASA and Rackspace it aims to provide a fully scalable open source cloud infrastructure. This can be deployed to build a public cloud or your own private cloud.

Here are the reasons why I believe OpenStack will be successful.

  1. Its completely  Open Source, hence it is continuing to develop at a rapid space. Being open in nature, the project will never die down.
  2. It is designed to scale up very well.
  3. Its highly flexible you have a choice of Hypervisers  including ESX, Hyper-V, KVM, LXC, QEMU, UML, Xen, and XenServer.
  4. Over 2000 Developers and 144 companies are behind OpenStack making it an Industry Standard.
  5. This includes the who’s who of Cloud computing:
  • Cloud Vendors: Citrix,, Nebula
  • OEMS: Dell, HP, NEC
  • Chip makers: Intel and AMD, Broadcom
  • Storage: Netapp
  • OS Vendors: Canonical (Ubuntu), SUSE
  • Telco: NTT Docomo
  • Networking vendor: Cisco
  • Service Provider: L&T Infotech

Some website stats shared by OpenStack.

  • People in over 13,000 cities from over 200 countries visited in 2011
  • Ttotal of 750k+ visits from 430k+ unique visitors.
  • The most popular city was Beijing, followed by Seoul, London, and Bangalore
  • China was #2 after the U.S. as a source of visitors to

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