What is Positive affirmations?

Its a positive thought that you say/write/think.

How do I create one?

  • It has be present tense.
  • It has to be positive.
  • It has to be personal.
  • It has to be specific.

Why present tense?

Because you want to start working on it right away, you want to send a message to your inner conciousness that thats want you want to focus your energy on.

Does it work?

Yes it does, Most successful people do it, those who tell you that they don’t do it, don’t want you to know.

Scott Adam of Dilbert fame, did it! He wrote his goal 15 times a day.

I’ve often written about my own experiences with affirmations, the practice of writing your goals 15 times a day. It seems to work much of the time, at least in my experience, but presumably not because of any magic. At least one probable explanation for its perceived effectiveness is that focusing on goals changes the person who is doing the focusing.

Read his blog post if you want to know more.

How often do I do it?

Everyday preferablly, multiple times a day if need be.

Example of usage:

If you always think you are poor, you have no money, its not going to help. Its best to do a positive affirmation like this.

I am rich. I have all the money that I need. New sources of income open up each day.

To be specific, you can say: I am rich by xyz date.

Don’t say: I want to be rich, cause affirmation has to to present tense..

See this site for examples of positive affirmations and to manage your affirmations.