I have been using Thunderbird 2 for more than 2 years now, I recently upgraded to Thunderbird 3 and found it very well designed. Here is what I liked:

  • Has an attachment reminder, so if you write “please see the attached… ” and then forgot to attach, it reminds you. Neat!
  • Tabbed emails. Used to tabbed browsing? welcome to tabbed email. Allows you to open emails and mail folders into different tabs.
  • Powerful search. You can type a search string, and it will find that string in inbox, sent box, subject. This is quite useful if you are looking for something but don’t know where it could be.
  • It also has smart folders and and archive folders.
  • Addon manager to manage all your addons.

Here is a complete list of features.

Ubuntu 10.04 scheduled to be released on April 29,2010 already bundles Thunderbird 3.

For Ubuntu 9.10, there are ready packages available. To Install Thunderbird 3 on Ubuntu 9.10 read this documentation on how to add the repository.

Use this link to Download Thunderbird  for Windows, Mac and Linux.