If you have a point-and-shoot and long to have more professional features, you don’ t need to buy expensive new cameras yet. You can just enable many new features:

  • With this tool, you can enable advance features in any Canon Camera.
  • Supports advance features such as RAW support, additional to jpeg. This makes it easy to change white balance and other settings.
  • More versatile shutter speeds from 1/60,000 to 34 Min
  • You can write your own scripts or use ready scripts for motion detection and other features.
  • Live Histogram capabilities allows you manage exposure correctly.
  • Completely open source and GPL.
  • And yes many other features.

Check the CHDK (Canon Hack Development Kit) website

My earlier post on this.

Please make sure your camera is supported before you mess with your firmware and yes, this may void your warranty or could make your camera paper weight, so standard disclaimer applies 🙂

See some really cool sample images created using this.

1/60,000 shutter speed.


Lightning captured using motion sensing.