Apple just released the latest firmware 2.2. I have successfully upgraded my original iPhone to the new firmware. My iPhone came with firmware 1.1 and was updated to 1.1.4.

Standard disclaimer applies: If you end up with a fancy looking brick, don’t blame me. This is also known to work only on the older iPhone and not on the new generation iPhone 3G yet.

Here is what you need to do:

1. You need to update your iTunes to the latest version 8.0.2 (if not already), don’t update your iPhone firmware yet, just update iTunes and sync your data.

Syncing is an important step as when you update your firmware, all your data gets erased and then iTunes syncs it back.

2. Download these 4 files.

QuickPWN Windows Version OR Mac Version

Note: I have not tested this on Mac.

iPhone firmware 2.2

Bootloader version 4.6

Bootloader version 3.9

3. Update the iPhone to Firmware 2.2: Don’t do the automatic update, go to Advanced setting tab, hold the shift key and click on Update. This will give you an option to select the 2.2 firmware file that you downloaded in Step 2.

4. Optional: If you phone goes into recovery mode, like it did for me, Go to the Advance setting Tab again, hold the shift key and click on Restore. This will give you an option to select the 2.2 firmware file that you downloaded in Step 2.

5. After the update, your phone will get locked or will show emergency model. Keep it plugged in.

6. Start QuickPWN and select the firmware files and the boot loader files that you downloaded in Step 2. Follow the instructions, you will need to hold the home/power button in various combinations, QuickPWN will instruct you on that.
You will be given an option to install Cydia, Cydia is another installer and gives you more options to install 3rd party apps.

It also given you an option to replace the logo. If you select that option, your iPhone Apple boot logo will be replaced with a Pineapple 🙂

7. Once QuickPWN unlock your iPhone, check if you are able to make calls. If not, re-do step 6.

8 Once successful, go ahead and sync your iTunes to get your contacts. Also sync photos, music and video. I prefer to do each of them separately as its time consuming, so you can sync what’s necessary first.

9. Enjoy your iPhone 2.2 with all the new features.

For me it unlocked successfully, I am able to use EDGE, WiFi, etc. Don’t yet see all my favourite applications yet in the installer, perhaps they need to get tested on 2.2 before they show up.



Firmwares and Bootloader links