Recently SCO has been accusing Unix code being copied into Linux. AT&T has the license to Unix, which was acquired by Novell and transformed into UnixWare, which was then acquired by SCO and then SCO was aquired by Caldera (a Linux vendor) which was later renamed back as SCO. NOw it appears that people are not happy with SCO’s move, who would be. SCO’s website was hacked. I hope SCO doesn’t play nasty which it can if it wants to. And right now it looks like it wants to. I used to be a SCO Unix administrator and I must say that their product sucked big time, thats when I got my hands on Linux and found it way better and easier to use/administer than SCO. Since then I dumped SCO and have been using Linux.

Has anyone thought why SCO must be doing this? Microsoft has a stake in SCO if thats anything to do with this.