Epson L200 is a low cost multi-function device which is good for bulk printing. It offers Printing/Scanning and Copying. A similar model L100 is a stand along printer.

Update: Epson has finally released the official drivers for t the Epson L100/L200. The only major problem remaining is that the scanner is not working on a USB 3.0 port.

First this model works on Ubuntu 11.04 with these instructions. However on Ubuntu 11.10 you require some tweaking.

Instructions for 12.04 and later.

Go to Epson Linux Download Center.

These instructions work for L100 and L200.

Search for L100/L200,

Download the printer driver. For 32-bit systems the file is:


It will require some LSB files which it should download on its own.

Now reboot your system and plug on USB, your printer will get auto-detected and it will install the driver.

To install the scanner, This is for L200.

Now  go back to Epson Linux Download Center.

Now search for L200

The OS drop down below should show Linux.

Now accept and download these files for 32-bit systems



Install them and now you can scan from Any application like SimpleScan or use the ImageScan application installed.

If you are not be able to print then you can follow this additional steps.

On your browser, type localhost:631  this will bring up cups front end where you need to change a few things.

Click on printers tab on the right, select L200 under Queue Name, you will see two drop down menus.

Select Maintenance in the first one and Modify Printer, Now select the printer and say continue.

It would show Make Generic and Current Driver Generic ESC/P Dot Matrix

Click on Select Another Make/Manufacturer

Select Epson and Click on Continue

Now Select Epson Stylus N10 N11 Series

Now click on the Link below that says Modify Printer

Now if you print a test page you should see it printed.

What works on Ubuntu and should work on any other Linux:



What doesn’t work and requires Windows:

Best Photo quality.

To check the printer error messages.

To check the ink levels, but you can see it on the side.

When you refill the cartridge, you have to put in some codes (what a pain), there are some hacks for this but that also requires Windows.

Whats pending:

The scanner is still not working on USB 3.0, perhaps won’t work on Windows too, haven’t tried.