I have been using the Siemens Gigaset A580 with Nonoh.net for a while. It works well, and allows you make inexpensive calls. The voice quality is also good.

What also worked was if another user using Nonoh can call you. For example if your nonoh ID is user1@nonoh.net another user called user2@nonoh.net can call directly user1@nonoh.net. The voice quality for this was not very good.

Note: Siemens Gigaset allows you to receive VOIP calls, however it doesn’t allow you to dial only numericals no alphabets, so you unfortunately you can’t dial a VOIP ID like above you can only dial numbers.

Here is the steps to setup Nonoh. I tried this with  Siemens Gigaset A580. It should also work with other gigaset models.

To setup first setup your Gigaset, so its up on the network. Default setting should work on most routers.

Now go into Settings-Telephony-Connections

Select the IP connection, if the first one is available select it, else select which one one is available, click on edit.

Connection Name: Nonoh

Select VOIP provider: Other Provider

Authentication Name: your nonoh login name

Authentication password: your nonoh password

Username: your nonoh login name

Display name: What ever you want to display when you call another viip user. I use my nonoh user name here.

Click on Show advance setting.
General Provider Data
Domain: sip.nonoh.net
Proxy server address: sip.nonoh.net
Proxy server port: 5060
Registrar server: sip.nonoh.net
Registrar server port: 5060
Registration refresh time: 180

STUN enabled: No

Outbound proxy mode: Always
Outbound proxy: sip.nonoh.net
Outbound proxy port: 5060
Click on Set. Now it should show registered. If it doesn’t,  you just need to restart the Gigaset. Once it shows regstered, you are ready to make calls.

The default dial out is usually on the landline, to use VOIP, you need to hold the dial button a longer. To make VOIP your default outgoing line go to.

Settings-Number Assignment

Default Connection
Linetype for outgoing calls: Select VOIP

and click on Set

You can also dial a number and suffix #1 at the end to use the first voip . For example if nonoh.net is the first VOIP you have setup, and you are trying to call number 1234, then you type.

1234#1 to call 1234 using nonoh.net

Here is a screen shot of the settings.