As per a recently published article, India in Number two globally right after US for using Internet via mobile phone.

Number 1 mobile device globally for accessing internet is the iPhone followed by the iTouch, Number 3 is the android based Motorola Droid, Number 4 is HTC Dream (also runs Android).

In India people are not spending $700 mobile device to access the internet, instead they are using humble Nokia phones to do so.

Indians take considerable pain to view the Internet on their phones, as evidenced by the devices they used. Unlike almost every other country where the highest number of usage came from a smartphone, in India, the top two devices were mid-range Nokia phones — the Express Music 5130 and the 3110c, both of which cost between Rs 3,500 and Rs 5,500. ($70-110)

The numbers also revealed that the iPhone was losing Internet share to the Android in a big way in its home market, the US. The share of iPhone’s internet traffic dropped from 55% in November to 44% in February. During the period, the share of Android phones rose from 27% to 42%.

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