Here are some 2007-2008 statistics on the Linux Kernel from Greg KH’s presentation.

Linux Kernel:

  • 9.2 Million lines of code.
  • Increases by 10% each year.
  • Te core kernel is 5 percent of the code, device drivers is approximately 55 percent and the balance is architecture, networking etc.
  • 4500 lines added. 1800 removed and 1500 modified per day.
  • Kernel actively developed 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • No more stable/unstable kernel. Earlier even numbers eg. 2.3 was for unstable and odd number eg. 2.4 was stable, this process is discontinued.
  • Hierarchy system but not person dependant.
  • Security updates after the release goes as x.x.x.. example, security fix for 2.6.19 go as and so on.
  • New release every 2-3 Month.
  • 2399 Unique developers. 1/2 of them contributed only 1-2 patches.
  • Number 1 funding comes from Amaetuers, or people who code as a hobby in the spare time
  • Number 2 funding comes from Red Hat, Number 3, IBM and Number 4 Novell.

If you are more interested, see the online video (recommended) or read this article or download the presentation.