My older Sendo phone which I got for free under a plan from Orange, gave me lots of problems. It just gets hung at times and the battery dies abruptly. So I decided to go back to a Nokia.

I got my self Nokia 3100. Here is my brief overview.

The features I liked:
– Easy to use. Like all the Nokia phones I have used in the past, this too is very easy to use.
-Small and Light. That makes it easy to handle but chances of loosing it a small size phone is higher.
– Color Display. This is restricted to 4000 colors which is a limitation of all Nokia Phones currently available. It Looks good but not as sharp as some of the 65,000 color display phones.
– GPRS – How much that will be of use, I am doubtful since now I have cable Internet at home! May be while traveling I could make some use of it. I am anyways getting it enabled and will test it out.
– MMS – Multimedia Messaging, not many people use it now but could get popular at some point of time.
– Polyphonic ring tones – I really like this features, sounds a lot better than a normal ring tone.
– Tri-band – Wonder when I am going to use that but a nice feature to have. Now need to travel to the US to test it 🙂
– Java – Have to yet test this.
– Speaker Phone – This is nice to use and better that using a hands free kit.
– Flashing Light – The screen, keypad flash when the phone rings. This works nicely with polyphonic ring tones, it dances to the tune! I wonder how long I would fancy this but right now its cool 🙂
– xHTML browser – it has a newer brower, have to check this out.

What I dislike
The phone gets hot if you speak for a long time! If the speaker phone wouldn’t be there to save my ears! either I would have had fried them by now or dumped the phone!

I guess this is a problem with a few of the new small nokia phones which are high on features. Eg. 6610.

Now I need to find a data cable for the phone so I can dump some of my favourite Midi/Kar files to the phone 🙂