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Writes Dawn – A leading publication in Pakistan.

“Linux makes sense for India (and it) should also apply to Pakistan… and why not lend a hand of friendship? After all many years ago.. we were one country?” says Prakash Advani, the 28-year-old CEO of the Mumbai-based ( Advani’s father grew up in Karachi, and his grandparents came from Sindh.

From ZDNet India:

Prakash Advani, CEO of said “Our goal is to see the proliferation of free operating systems in the corporate environment. We are already providing our expertise to provide robust and innovative solutions to some of the leading organizations.”

Posted on the Linux India by Frederick Noronha and archived here.

Linux is not important only from the free point of view. It is powerful and robust. It is also flexible and gives you the power to modify. This is important to some; since most commercial
software are US-based. “We need something that can be customised to our taste and requirements,” says executive editor of the Bombay-based IT Vision publication Prakash Advani.

In addition, Linux has a very low cost of ownership, Advani points out. You don’t pay per client licence, you don’t pay for every upgrade, addon or features. Once you set it up it requires very little maintenance. As if this were not enough, it’s free. “People associate free with low quality. That has to change,” says Advani.

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