[amazon_link id=”B008TH3VH0″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Huawei E355 Unlocked GSM 3G 4G HSPA+ 21.6 Mobile Broadband Hotspot Router Modem[/amazon_link]

While looking for a 3G dongle, I came across the Huawei E355 and found it a very useful device. With this device you can share one 3G plans with up to 5 devices including tablets, laptops and phones there by saving on multiple 3G plans.

Here is what I liked about it.

  • You can use any Unlocked 3G SIM inside and it just works. I tried with 2 different services providers and it configured on its own.
  • Up to 5 devices can share the device through WiFi, if you include USB you can have 6. One laptop/notebook can use the device as a USB dongle.
  • You can save money on your multiple 3G plans specifically if you are on international roaming.
  • You can add a MicroSD card and it becomes a USB drive.
  • The device size is a small enough, just a little wider than a USB dongle/pen drive.
  • It has simple 2 LEDS one for WiFi and one for Mobile connection. The connection LED changes colour to denote 2G or 3G.

Here is what I find is the limitation.

  • It doesn’t have any battery built in, however you can power it from any USB port on laptop or USB battery or a USB charger.
  • It  supports only 5 devices. Which may be enough now, but if multiple users are sharing, then it is a limitation. 

Note: The default WiFi password is given inside. You need to slide open the cover to see. Once you connect, you can type as the IP and change the default settings.

Available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Overall a good product at a good price.

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