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Here is direct Torrent and download links for Ubuntu 11.04, have fun 🙂 I have provided both Torrent links (which I prefer) and directly downloads:

Note: With this release, the Desktop and Netbook releases are merges with a single Unity interface, hence there is no sepearate Netbook edition. If you want to Install Ubuntu on a Netbook, download the Ubuntu Desktop Edition. If you have any of the older Netbooks, pick the 32-bit version. Download the 64-Bit version only if you have a newer processer like the AMD fusion which support 64-Bit.

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal Torrent Links Direct Downloads
Ubuntu Desktop 64-Bit Edition Torrent Main Server
Ubuntu Desktop 32-Bit Edition Torrent Main Server
Ubuntu Server Edition 64-Bit Torrent Main Server
Ubuntu Server Edition 32-Bit Torrent Main Server

Other Downloads.