The US Department of the Interior is looking for a mailing solution for its 88,000 employees.

Their tender asks for “Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite-Federal (BPOS-Federal)”. They justify by saying:

“Based on extensive market research, the Department determined that although many companies can provide messaging services in general, they either cannot provide services that address the complexity of messaging requirements within DOI, or they could not meet the degree of security required by DOI”

Google points out that BPOS-Federal is a new product, and that there are no case studies or known customers who have implemented this product. In addition, BPOS-Federal has not been properly certified by any government agency at any risk level. Despite all this, the DOI still demands this tool.

This is a good move, it will encourage the US and other  government to consider open source and stay away from proprietary solutions. To find an 800 pound gorilla [read Microsoft] , you need an elephant [Google] 🙂

Q: Why is an elephant big, grey and wrinkly?
A: Because if it was small, white and hard it would be an aspirin.

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