While looking for presentation tools, I came across PDF Cube. To use this, you need to convert your presentations into PDF. OpenOffice.org already has this feature of exporting your presentations as PDFs.

You also need to install this utility. On Ubuntu its already there in the  repository, for other Operating system you can download it.

Once your presentation is in PDF just go to terminal and type:

pdfcube filename.pdf

Replace filename.pdf with your actual file name.

Now the keys to use to see the effects during the presentation:

c : Will go to the next slide using a cube transition effect.

z : Will zoom in the center of the slide.

h : Will zoom in the top left part of the slide.

j : Will zoom in the top right part of the slide.

k : will zoom in the bottom left part of the slide.

l : will zoom in the bottom right  part of the slide.

The application is under development and expect to see more effects in the future.