The European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS), part of the European Commission, has compiled a detailed repor titled: Microsoft A History of Anticompetitive Behavior and Consumer Harm.

“For more than two decades, Microsoft has engaged in a carefully designed and extremely successful campaign to protect and extend its monopolies. Microsoft has repeatedly made market allocation proposals to its competitors and has used a broad range of other anticompetitive and unlawful tactics to eliminate potential rivals, including tying, predatory product design, and intentional deception.

Microsoft owns several monopoly products, including its Windows operating system and Office suite of productivity applications.  These monopolies are extremely lucrative: Microsoft generates more than $60 billion each year, largely from Windows and Office. It has profit margins of 77% and 65% for these two monopoly products. Over the years, Microsoft has carefully cultivated and expanded the barriers to entry protecting these monopolies.”

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