If you haven’t already seen this, and are looking for an SLR, check the Canon 450D.

Here is whats new.

  • 12 Mega Pixel.
  • Live View (what you see is what you get). Olympus was the first to have this but finally Canon has caught up.
  • SD Card Support (Earlier Canon SLRs were CF, this is the first SLR with SD/SDHC support.
  • Big 3″ LCD.
  • Higher capacity Lithium Ion battery means more shots with a single charge. But note live-view will drain more power.

One advantage the Olympus E510/520 still has over the Canon is it has in-body Image Stabilisation.  Image Stabilisation in the Lens obviously works better but in-body Image Stabilisation means you don’t need to spend more money on every lens to get Image Stabilisation.

Overall a good buy.