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The Linux Foundation survey found that the Linux desktop has become a mainstream desktop replacement. While many businesses use Linux as a development desktop (53.3 percent), almost two-thirds (66.1 percent) use it as a client desktop. Linux is no longer just an operating system for the technically inclined.

It also is an operating system that its users have near complete trust in. Seventy-six percent believe desktop Linux is absolutely ready to for mission-critical applications, while 17.3 percent believe that desktop Linux is probably ready for even the most important business jobs.

The desktop Linuxes being used in businesses are a familiar list to DesktopLinux readers. The Ubuntu family of Linuxes, with 55.2 percent, came in on top. No. 2 was the Red Hat family Red Hat Enterprise Linux/Fedora/CentOS, with 51.3 percent. The Novell SUSE group SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and openSUSE took third place with 32.9 percent.

So if you still haven’t considered Linux on the Desktop, now is the time to give it a hard look. If you have already tried and hitting some road blocks, write to me. I would be happy be of help.