I have written a small script to make it easy to process digital camera photos.

You can use the script to optimise your photos before putting them up on the web. It does the following:

It creates a directory web and puts the processed photos in that so as to not alter the original images.

When you click photos vertically from a Digital Camera, it actually stores the photos horizonally and puts a rotate tag. Some of the viewers are not able to understand them.

This script looks for images with rotate tags, rotates them and removes the tag. This makes it easier to view on any image viewer.

The script also optimises the size of the image so as to save space. For example a 3.2MB pixel photo can take 1-2 MB of space, after using this script it is optimised to 1024×768 ( which is good for viewing on the screen) and uses only 100 KB of space.

It puts a copyright notice on the top right corner of the image.

And it changes the file name to lower case.

The script requires the following:

Linux, haven’t tested on anything else.
convert (part of imagemagick).
chcase. This requires Perl.

I have also found ren a nice tool to rename multiple files. Eg. If I have files called photos001.png.jpg, photos002..photos003… and I want to rename all of them to photos001.jpg ..photos002.. then I can do that by typing.

ren “photos*.*.*” photos#1.#3

Download the script from here.

See some of the photos which have been processed using this script in my photo album.